What We Offer

In addition to conventional physiotherapy we use Cranio-Sacral and Visceral Therapy, as well as exercises, manual techniques addressing fascia, emotional release techniques and Japanese acupunture.


Visceral Therapy

uses gentle manipulation techniques for the organs and fascia [the connective tissue that surrounds organs] to release specific structural and/or emotional restrictions which are the underlying causes for 80% of musculo-skeletal pain.

Cranio-Sacral Therapy

uses gentle techniques applied mostly to the skull and the pelvis  in order to release fascial restrictions throughout the  dura [outer covering] of the spinal column/brain. The effects are felt throughout the body. These techniques can also facilitate healing with Somato-Emotional Release (SER).

Somato-Emotional Release

allows the client to re-experience a traumatic event and in so doing release the negative memory/event from the tissues.  The negative emotional attachment to the trauma is reduced with the result that it no longer dominates the clients physical or subconscious states.

Other Specialty skills

Patti and Teresa are qualified in other specialty areas such as Neurological Physiotherapy,  Hydrotherapy, Faster EFT, Japanese  Acupuncture and Fascial Counterstrain.